Beautiful Bespoke Ceremonies

Weddings, Vows Renewal, Baby Naming, Partnership Commitment, Handfastings and Funerals.

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Wedding Blessings

A Wedding Blessing beautifully handcrafted - just for you. Together we will create the most beautiful Ceremony that you desire - the vows, readings and words - perfectly suited for you. Creating Heartful memories on your special day.


Creating a respectful and sensitive Ceremony to celebrate the life of your loved one. A personal and fitting way to say goodbye, without religion (unless your wishes dictate otherwise). Focussing affectionately on the one who has died, paying tribute to their place in life.

Naming Ceremonies

A beautiful alternative to a Christening. A non-religious way of marking the arrival of your new baby, or the naming of older children.

Together we will create a happy and personal Naming Ceremony in choosing your Guideparents, your venue etc - as we write a unique Ceremony on your preferences.


A Handfasting is a rural folkloric and Pagan/Celtic custom, dating back to the 16th century. It is 'to formally promise to make a contract', where the hands of you and your beloved are 'binded' together by beautiful bespoke hand-made ribbons - as you 'tie the knot'.

Beautiful Bespoke Ceremonies

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